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Insightify is a data management and predictive analytics platform for business users with complex data environments. Don’t let tight budgets and limited expertise keep you from valuable data insights.

Data Management and Growth Analytics Like You Built It Yourself

Ditch the spreadsheets and the steep learning curve. Get complete visibility across the entire company portfolio, with zero interruption to current processes. Access real-time, accurate, actionable data so you can report better, optimize costs, improve forecast confidence, and accelerate revenue growth. It’s functionality fit for a data scientist, designed to be user-friendly for the whole organization. And all at a price mid-sized brands can actually afford.

Financial Insights

Focus on the answers instead struggling with the questions. Provide rapid, real-time, accurate, detailed insights to key stakeholders including board members, investors, and functional team leaders. Never wait a week to provide data that just tells you what happened yesterday again.

  • Generate real-time predictive waterfall forecasts
  • View company-wide forecasts, drill down by division, brand, portfolio, channel, region, and more
  • Understand profit by class or product by drilling down into different areas of the P&L.
  • Expose revenue risk and opportunity with machine learning and AI
  • Dive deeper into revenue by exploring debits and credits on the ledger in a fast, intuitive manner

Revenue Insights

Gain real-time revenue clarity at every level: zoom out for the big picture or drill down by region, portfolio, channel, customer type and more. Gain detailed insights into root cause and explore the depth and texture of any data set. Leverage custom automated insights along with target setting and write-back capabilities to action insights to improve revenue growth.

  • Analyze customer health and risk to identify churn, deal risk, and share of wallet increase or decrease.
  • Generate reports and predictive forecasts on product performance such as digital ads, lead gen, and events.
  • Gain deep visibility into activities, pipeline, accounts and teams.
  • Identify what products customers are likely to purchase together within and across brands and divisions.
  • Use "point-in-time" and "weeks out" pacing to monitor and forecast event performance for attendee acquisition and exhibitor/sponsor sales.

End-to-End Data Management, Without Disrupting Business Flow

Insightify is the complete analytics package. From ETL/reverse ETL, to data warehousing, to scrubbing, to visualization and reports. Finally achieve SSOT without interfering with data sources, by implementing at the platform level.

  • Comprehensive data management improves speed, reliability, and security
  • Full-fledged access management controls, enabling both compliance and democratization
  • Platform-layer data processing allows you to improve data integrity without modifying sources

Enterprise-Grade Analytics, Built for Your Teams and Your Business

Insightify isn’t a “one-size-fits-none” solution. It’s purpose built for teams with complex use cases, like media and events, and for users that have minimal data expertise. Put advanced analytics insights in the hands of every team member, no matter their skill set.

  • Intuitive UI designed with end user in mind
  • Specialized functionality for industries that other BI tools don’t support
  • Budget-friendly pricing without sacrificing features
Unlock the Power of Your Revenue Data

Goodbye Data Silos.Hello Easier Decisions.

With point solutions in your business, it can be difficult to gain meaningful insights when data lives in many different systems. Insightify brings it all together, with pre-built integrations out of the box and fast custom integrations for your specific tech stack. Our integrations are purpose-built to meet the complex needs of Media, Event and Digital Information Businesses.

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