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The Revenue Room™ Episode with Thomas Bohn, President & COO, Advanced Home Improvement Media

Heather Holst-Knudsen
Heather Holst-Knudsen
May 15, 2024
Product Strategy
Skills & Culture


In the latest Revenue Room™ Podcast, Thomas Bohn, President and COO of Advanced Home Improvement Media, discusses their growth, innovative use of AI and data, and plans to streamline home improvement financing. Learn about their unique approach to enhancing customer experience and future trends in the industry.

What We Cover

Join us as we dive into the dynamic world of home improvement, data, analytics, and revenue growth with insights from an industry leader. Listen now and stay ahead of the curve! 🎧

By leveraging data and analytics, we're not just connecting homeowners with top-notch contractors but also partnering with lending institutions to streamline the financing process. 💰

Imagine this: You upload a photo of your kitchen, and our platform not only tags products to help you envision your dream space but also offers the Home Mag Dream Card, supported by our banking partners, to finance your project seamlessly. 🏡✨

Our mission is simple – to clear the path and facilitate a smooth, enjoyable experience for our customers. We don't sell leads; we sell facilitation and connection, sparking creativity and empowering homeowners on their renovation journeys. 🌟🔧

Why You Should Attend

Tune in as Tom Bohn shares insights on Advanced Home Improvement Media pioneering use of AI and data analytics to reshape the home improvement landscape. Additionally, Bohn outlines their forward-thinking strategies to streamline the financing process for home improvements. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of their innovative approaches to enhancing the customer experience and to get a glimpse of future industry trends that are on the horizon. Don't miss out on this enlightening podcast!

What You Will Take Away

  • The importance of data and analytics in driving business growth 📊
  • Innovative digital solutions transforming the home improvement industry 🛠️
  • How Advanced Home Improvement Media leverages AI and data to enhance customer experience 🤖
  • The significance of a strong local sales team and personalized customer interactions 🌟
  • Future trends in home improvement and the integration of pet-friendly home solutions 🐾

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