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Building a Customer Centric Organization for Sustained Success, with guest Amy Roman, AmplifyGTM

Heather Holst-Knudsen
Heather Holst-Knudsen
June 7, 2024
Revenue Strategy
Data Strategy
Skills & Culture


Gain insights on multi-sided business models and customer-centric strategies with Amy Roman, CEO of Amplify GTM. Explore the evolving CRO role, aligning revenue-critical roles, and leveraging data for growth.

What We Cover

  • The Evolving Role of the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO):
    • Importance of the CRO in integrating sales, marketing, and customer success.
    • Responsibilities and challenges of a modern CRO.
    • Insights on why direct sales experience is crucial for a CRO.
  • Aligning Revenue-Critical Roles:
    • Strategies for aligning sales, marketing, and customer success teams.
    • Importance of a unified strategy and the ideal customer profile.
    • Examples of misalignment and how to address them.
  • Understanding Multi-Sided Business Models:
    • Definition and examples of multi-sided business models.
    • How these models create value by connecting multiple distinct user groups.
    • Importance of managing relationships and value propositions for all sides.
  • Utilizing Data for Revenue Growth:
    • Identifying key performance indicators (KPIs) relevant to business goals.
    • Ensuring reliable and comprehensive data collection processes.
    • Making data accessible and understandable across the organization.
    • Training teams to interpret and act on data insights.
    • Continuous monitoring and adjustment based on data insights.
    • Leveraging advanced analytics for deeper insights.
  • The Importance of Customer Centricity:
    • Enhancing customer experiences to drive satisfaction and loyalty.
    • Gathering and analyzing customer feedback for better insights.
    • Implementing strategies to increase customer retention and lifetime value.
    • Building a strong brand reputation through positive customer experiences.
    • Adapting quickly to changing customer needs and market conditions.
    • Engaging and aligning employees around customer-centric values.
  • Actionable Strategies and Real-World Examples:
    • Practical tips and strategies that can be immediately implemented.
    • Real-world examples of successful customer-centric and data-driven approaches.

Why You Should Attend

  • Learn from Industry Expertise: Gain insights from Amy Roman, a seasoned professional with extensive experience in sales, marketing, and technology sectors.
  • Understand the Evolving CRO Role: Discover the critical responsibilities of a Chief Revenue Officer and why this role is essential for integrating sales, marketing, and customer success.
  • Align Revenue-Critical Roles: Learn how to effectively align sales, marketing, and customer success teams to ensure a cohesive strategy that drives growth.
  • Leverage Data for Growth: Understand the importance of utilizing data to fuel revenue growth, including tips on collecting, interpreting, and acting on data insights.
  • Enhance Customer Experiences: Discover strategies to create exceptional customer experiences that drive loyalty and advocacy.
  • Drive Customer Loyalty: Learn how a customer-centric approach can increase customer loyalty and lead to sustained revenue growth.
  • Stay Ahead of Market Trends: Equip yourself with the knowledge to anticipate and respond to market trends, ensuring your business remains competitive.
  • Actionable Strategies: Walk away with practical, actionable strategies that you can implement immediately to improve your business operations.
  • Competitive Edge: Understand how customer-centric strategies can differentiate your business and provide a competitive advantage.

Whether you're a business leader, marketer, or sales professional, this video offers essential strategies to enhance your understanding and drive success in today’s dynamic market. Don’t miss the chance to gain valuable insights and take your organization to the next level.

What You Will Take Away

Effective Go-To-Market Strategies:

  • Innovative approaches to align sales, marketing, and customer success teams.
  • Best practices for identifying and reaching your ideal customer profile.
  • Data Utilization Techniques:
    • Methods to transform raw data into actionable insights.
    • How to use data to drive decision-making and improve customer engagement.
  • Customer-Centric Business Practices:
    • Strategies for creating a customer-obsessed culture.
    • Real-life examples of businesses successfully implementing customer-centric models.
  • Enhanced Revenue Growth:
    • Proven tactics to boost short-term and long-term revenue.
    • Insights into maximizing customer lifetime value and retention.
  • Leadership Insights:
    • Key qualities and actions of successful Chief Revenue Officers.
    • How to lead cross-functional teams to achieve cohesive business goals.
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