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LunchLab NYC

Mastering Customer Obsession During Accelerated Times of Change

June 18, 2024
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We hosted an interactive LunchLab event at The Yale Club in midtown NYC for revenue-critical CXOs leading media, data, information, and marketplace businesses. LunchLab offered a deep-dive, rapid learning experience aimed at transforming organizations into customer-centric powerhouses to accelerate revenue, profitability, and enterprise value.

Heather Holst-Knudsen

Heather Holst-Knudsen

CEO & Managing Partner
Amy Roman

Amy Roman

Founder & CEO, AmplifyGTM

What We Cover

LunchLab’s actionable insights will help you unlock:

  • Increased Profits and Enterprise Value
  • Core Principles for Multisided Business Models
  • 8 Essential Capabilities for Growth
  • Optimized Organizational Alignment and Design
  • Quick Win Approach for Rapid Revenue Growth
  • Tools, Tech and Techniques to Build Revenue

Why You Should Attend

  • LunchLab - a rapid learning program curated for CEOs and C-Level revenue-critical teams - blends convenience with high-impact education.
  • You’ll get revenue-driving strategies and tools for real-world challenges facing you today.
  • Through collaborative learning, you’ll develop blueprints for organizational growth and innovation.

What You Will Take Away

LunchLab gives you the tools and strategies to effectively build your customer-centric organization, including:

  • H2K Labs' Capabilities Framework: Customer Centricity
  • In-depth playbook
  • Detailed template for conducting an internal data strategy assessment required to execute a successful customer-centric strategy
Seats are limited to qualified C-level executives.