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At H2K Labs we're dedicated to delivering our clients best in class results.

Our Mission

At H2K Labs we're dedicated to delivering our clients best in class results

Our mission is to empower media, events, and digital information companies to thrive in a rapidly evolving market. With over 30 years of experience, we understand the challenges faced by businesses in this sector and have developed a data-first approach to help overcome them.

Using a blend of business intelligence, AI-powered analytics and visualization and real-world expertise, we unlock new opportunities for growth, scalability, and future-proofing revenues. Our team of experts works closely with revenue, finance, marketing, and product leaders to design winning data strategies, modernize revenue operations, and identify high-growth monetization opportunities

Our Story

Building on a Legacy of Success

Founded in 2018, H2K Labs is rooted in a deep understanding of the B2B media, events, and digital information industries. Our revenue acceleration modernization model draws from the best practices of SaaS and adapts them to the unique characteristics of media, events, and digital information companies. We have supported clients across a range of areas including outsourced sales, sales consulting, customer journey mapping, product innovation, and virtual event execution.
Embracing Data to Drive Growth
Our data analytics and visualization platform, Insightify, offers a customized solution for media, events and digital information companies to increase their intelligence about their customers, products, programs and teams, with fast-ramp ups and time to value.
Transforming Your Business Through Data
Join the many media, events, and digital information companies who have trusted H2K Labs to drive their growth, scalability, and future-proofing revenues. Let us help you revolutionize your business through data.


Meet the Executive Team

Our leadership team is passionate about transforming business by putting data to work for everyone while building an organization where the best talent thrives.
Heather Holst-Knudsen
CEO & Managing Partner
Heather runs all aspects of the business including working directly with each client to optimize, scale and accelerate revenue across the entire organization.  She applies the skills and knowledge gained over 30 years working in events, media and technology to help customers out innovate, out sell, and outperform the competition. Outside of work, I love to cook, entertain, travel and play with my white collie, Frankie.
Steven Carlisle
Steven is a certified event and media strategist with over 10 years of experience in events marketing and strategy. He leverages data to make sure brands get the awareness and growth they deserve. But when he's not focused on work, he loves making (and eating) pizza and asiago cheese bagels in his own kitchen
Monika Korsch
Business Development Manager
Monika develops business and revenue growth opportunities by researching, planning, and implementing new target market initiatives. Previously, she has worked with technology-enabled services and software to help law firms, corporations, government agencies, and consumers solve complex data challenges. She enjoys traveling abroad and going to the dog beach with her happy-go-lucky Coton de Tulear in her free time.
Sherri Windsor
Customer Success Manager & Business Operations
Sherri knows how to handle a challenge, making the impossible possible! Through dedication, commitment, and a positive attitude, she feels her teams can accomplish any goal they set. Sherri’s expertise includes management, leadership, and problem-solving. Sherri enjoys paddle boarding and sunsets!