Services: Data Strategy

Strong Foundations Drive Strong Growth

We provide comprehensive data strategies that help businesses achieve consistent, profitable revenue growth by defining, planning, and implementing the right infrastructure and planning to monetize their data.
Data Strategy
Your Roadmap

Data-Driven Roadmaps Built for Scale

We help define, plan and implement enterprise-wide data strategies that align with - and advance - your financial goals. Our experienced team works side-by-side with your organization to develop scalable solutions — from gathering accurate customer insights to automating complex processes.

Data Expertise

In The Weeds and in the Boardroom

With deep technical expertise, we help you plan and set up the fundamentals: data architecture, cleansing, and warehousing data from CRM, financial systems and other sources, faster than you ever thought possible.

To turn data into new insights for decision-making, our advisory services cover analytics & visualization, whether or not you use our platform, Insightify. It is all done with monetization in mind, based on our industry experience over 30 years.
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Pick Where You Start

Our data strategy services are modular for your company’s unique needs.

Outline of H2K Labs Data Strategy Services:
- Data-Business Strategy Alignment
- Data Governance and SOPs
Data Analytics & Visualization
- Map Current State/Define Future State
- Data Architecture Roadmap
- MDM Strategy & Metadata and Taxonomy Management

Single Source of Truth

A 360 Degree Approach for True Visibility

Lasting transformations happen when they consider the all ingredients for successful change management: people, processes, technology, AND data. Our consulting approach is comprehensive, which results in solutions that expand our clients’ line of sight. Bottom line: you have more visibility on drivers to move your business forward and be less focused on lagging indicators.
What’s Blocking Your Line of Sight?
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We’ll help you overcome these and other barriers:
Lack of an articulated data strategy aligning with business needs
Siloed and untrustworthy data
No single source of the truth
Organizational roadblocks and misalignment
Inefficient data management practices
Insufficient data capabilities and skills
Expensive technology solutions/no clear path to ROI

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