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Fireside Chat: Leveraging Data for Enhanced Profits & Valuation

Heather Holst-Knudsen
Heather Holst-Knudsen
February 26, 2024
Revenue Strategy
Data Strategy
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Across every stage of the business lifecycle, data analytics provide the insights companies need to increase revenue, lower operational costs, and maximize returns.

What We Cover

  • Improved Decision-Making: CEOs with real-time access to high-quality data make better decisions and strategic choices, run their businesses more efficiently, are closer to customer needs, and generate improved financial performance. Investors place a higher value on companies that demonstrate data-driven decision-making processes, as these companies have a clearer understanding of their market and operational efficiencies.  
  • Enhanced Customer Insights: Data analytics provide deep insights into customer behavior, preferences and trends. Companies that effectively use this data to tailor products and services and anticipate customer demand and risk meet market demand more precisely leading to increased sales, customer loyalty, and a stronger market position - all factors that contribute to higher valuation.
  • Risk Management & Compliance: By analyzing trends and patterns, companies can better predict and mitigate risks, whether they be financial, operational, or regulatory. Stability, foresight, and control over business outcomes are three traits that all investors seek.
  • Innovation & Growth Potential: In B2B information companies, especially those dependent on “sell-side” revenue, there is a critical and vital need to create new, scalable and repeatable revenue streams using one of their most valuable assets: data. Businesses that are successfully monetizing data are much more attractive on private and public markets because of significant growth potential. Data impacts company valuation by improving decision-making, enhancing customer insights, demonstrating control over the business, and innovation and growth potential through data monetization.

Why You Should Attend

  • Explore the assumption that the primary objective of data valuation is to benefit businesses by increasing their overall enterprise value through the recognition of data as a strategic and monetizable asset - internally and externally.
  • Delve into what investors seek when searching for attractive investments, particularly in alignment with current portfolio companies. For instance, explore what private equity partners prioritize when scouting new potential acquisitions and how data factors into the "value" equation.
  • Examine the expectations of investors and boards once an investment has been made, and how data plays a role, both positively and negatively, in generating the value outlined in the investment thesis.
  • Explore the process of constructing an efficient and comprehensive data valuation framework to optimize revenue and profitability.

What You Will Take Away

  • Playbook
  • Bootcamp Presentation and Link to On-Demand
  • 1-Hour Complimentary Assessment Call

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