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A modern data management and growth solution empowering businesses to manage risk and capture opportunities to improve profits.
The Platform for Profitable Growth

The most talented people are doing the most rudimentary work

Data aggregation, preparation, and analysis is a time-consuming process. Business teams must pull, clean, and analyze data from multiple source systems to determine actionable insights and drive long-term strategy. It can take days to weeks of data preparation to deliver outdated reports.

Turn time spent managing data into time spent driving strategy and growing the business.

Predictive Analytics

Unlike BI tools that show lagging indicators, Insightify transforms your data into meaningful insights for decisions that drive your business forward. Our cutting edge AI provides clarity that helps you stay ahead of your competitors and quickly make decisions to better serve your customers, improve revenue team performance and improve your financial results.
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Data Science in Every Department Without the Cost

Access to data should not be an afterthought. Insightify gives you control over permissions with relevant insights for different users across your company while protecting sensitive information. Unlike typical reporting tools, specified users can easily add function-specific KPIs, create their own visualizations and manage business logic. Managing change is easier when insights are more accessible.
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End-To-End Data Solution

Complete 360° view of your business: Actionable insights automatically surfaced from your blended data for proactive decision-making.

Two-way communication: Write-back capability enables the deployment of operational strategies while not compromising data integrity.

Self-service user experience: Independently manage and analyze data through purpose-built dashboards and intuitive querying, without reliance on IT.
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Unlock the Power of Your Revenue Data

Goodbye Data Silos.
Hello Easier Decisions.

With point solutions in your business, it can be difficult to gain meaningful insights when data lives in many different systems. Insightful brings it all together, with pre-built integrations out of the box and fast custom integrations for your specific tech stack. Our integrations are purpose-built to meet the complex needs of Media, Event and Digital Information Businesses.

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