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H2K Partners Rebrands and Forms Partnership to Deliver Cutting Edge Revenue Acceleration Solutions for Event, Media, and Digital Information Businesses

Heather Holst-Knudsen
April 7, 2023

Sarasota, Florida: H2K Partners today announces a new brand, introduces its new SaaS product, and a partnership with InsightOut.

Sarasota, Florida: H2K Partners today announces a new brand, introduces its new SaaS product, and a partnership with InsightOut.

H2K Labs will be the new flagship brand focusing on accelerating profitable revenue growth for media, event, and digital information businesses. The focus will lean on the industry experience of the leadership team to help these businesses use data to create lasting value for their company and drive growth on the bottom line. 

When revenue growth is efficient, profitable, and scalable, businesses benefit from adding more percentage points to the profit line. However, data complexities in these industries prevent process improvement, deep customer understanding, risk mitigation,  value creation, forecasting accuracy, and ultimately hurt your EBITDA (and valuation),”  says Heather Holst-Knudsen, CEO at H2K Labs.

The company also introduced Insightify, the first SaaS data solution purpose built for the media, event, and digital information industries. Unlike other platforms, Insightify was built specifically to help leaders in the industry  reduce churn, gain pricing power, identify and manage risks, increase forecasting accuracy and more with predictive analytics.

 “Having been an operator myself in the industries we serve, I know very well the pain our customers face when managing revenue data and trying to improve processes and find efficiencies. I am also acutely aware of the challenges our customers face when buying technology, many times having to spend hundreds of  thousands of dollars and 9+ months customizing only to be somewhat satisfied with the outcome upon launch. Our goal with the combination of focused advisory and Insightify is to accelerate profitable and scalable revenue growth, increase speed to value, and ensure user adoption and ROI,” says Heather Holst-Knudsen, CEO at H2K Labs.

To develop Insightify, H2K Labs partnered with InsightOut, a data management & analytics solution that fully integrates with modern workflows to empower business users to solve their acute data problems. InsightOut was chosen as the platform offering due to its variety of core features, ease of use for business professionals, and speed to market. This partnership expands H2K Labs' capabilities to accelerate revenue for companies in the industry with a cutting edge, proven platform used by Bain Capital, Sentrics and many other leading organizations. 

Partnering with H2K allows us to accelerate our mission of enabling organizations to realize the full potential of data in a very specific, actionable ways. With H2K Labs extremely deep industry knowledge within the media, events and digital information space combined with InsightOut's technology, they are able to deliver industry leading analytics at an incredibly fast pace. We are extremely excited about this partnership and what we are bringing to this underserved market,” says Chad Rose, CEO at InsightOut.

H2K clients now have access to a broader suite of solutions: 

The benefits for our customers include: 

  • Advisory services: H2K Labs can help you develop a sound data strategy, identify meaningful ways to accelerate revenue growth, and  identify areas for product innovation using data and audience monetization.
  • Insightify: A proven, AI powered SaaS data management and revenue intelligence solution that helps revenue leaders identify opportunities to grow their top and bottom line, avoid risks, and use predictive forecasting to deliver create sustainable value.

About H2K Partners: H2K Partners empowers media, events, and digital information companies to thrive in a rapidly evolving market. With over 30 years of experience, we understand the challenges faced by businesses in these sectors and have developed a data-first approach to help overcome them. Using a blend of AI-powered revenue intelligence, analytics and visualization and real-world expertise, we unlock new opportunities for growth, scalability, and future-proofing revenues. Our team of experts works closely with revenue, finance, marketing, and product leaders to design winning data strategies, modernize revenue operations, and identify high-growth monetization opportunities.

About InsightOut, by Treehouse Technology Group: InsightOut is a unified data analytics platform from Treehouse Technology Group that enables business teams to unlock the power of their data. Business users can extract insights and value from their data at scale, with self-service simplicity. Our end-to-end data solution aggregates, cleans, and blends fragmented data across departments — no matter the data source or volume — within a visual command center. With purpose-built dashboards and intuitive visualizations, users have a 360° view of the business and can independently manage and analyze data at the speed of thought, without reliance on IT. Our valued customers include Envision Healthcare, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Fidelity, Teleflex, Bain Capital, Sentrics, and more.


April 24, 2023
Steven Carlisle
H2K Partners
‪(442) 274-0556

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