Transform your Data into Financial Foresight
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Monetize Your DATA
Diversify your revenue  streams

Activate first-party data and improve existing product offerings and launch new ones. Monetize data to meet customer demands and create repeatable, scalable revenue streams.

Accelerating by Changing Direction

Every business wants to grow revenue, but that takes more than just speeding up.  Let us help you implement processes and technology to turn your mountains of data into coordinates and trajectories —improving performance, increasing customer engagement, and identifying new monetization opportunities.

Business Driver
Wrap core products with new analytics, insights, and experience features
Develop stand-alone information solutions
Business Driver
Product commoditization
Increasing Customer Expectations
Product Sales Lift
Customer Need
Revenue stream diversification
Financial Value
Price improvement
Increase Average Contract Value
Improve Customer Acquisition & Retention
Reduce Cost to Acquire
Reduce Cost to Keep
Reduce Churn
Add New Revenue Streams
Enter adjacent and new markets
Attract new customers
Create sustainable competitive advantage
Data-enhanced Lead Generation
Omnichannel ABM Programs
Smart Matchmaking & Meetings
Personalized Event Experiences
Behavioral targeting
Purchase Trend Data
Buyer Intent Data
Your Innovation Journey

Solutions Across The Innovation Lifecycle

Organizations differ widely in their capabilities and readiness for change. We understand. We have over 30 years of experience in the industry with companies that have different business models, cultures, and technologies. Depending on your specific situation, we will audit your current situation and help you fill gaps for key stages of your innovation journey.

  • Build data-driven capabilities required for product innovation

  • Identify, develop and test high potential offerings, with pilots

  • Refine, launch and scale solutions with change management
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Our Agile Approach

Based on our assessment and recommended roadmap, we recommend what is viable and within the risk tolerance of the leadership team. Many data monetization projects involve known and unknown challenges which require an experimentation approach with pilots.

  • People

  • Process

  • Platforms/Technologies

  • Data

  • Organizational Structures

  • Incentives

  • Policies

  • Strategies

  • Commercialization

  • Metrics and KPIs

Once an experiment has been tested, iterated, and proven, the next phase of our roadmap is a pilot that can be scaled across different brands and portfolios as knowledge, capabilities, and market fit is achieved.

Gaining Alignment for Change that Sticks

Product innovation is a journey and a team sport. Our approach is structured yet flexible, to help you consider and plan for the full scope of change management: meaningful KPIs, measurement, milestones, feedback loops, roles, collaboration, processes and knowledge sharing and more.