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A unified data management platform that blends, cleanses, and enriches marketing program performance data from disparate systems.

A Better Way is Here

Channel Metrics eliminates the need for manual workarounds and never-ending spreadsheets required to support your customers' advertising and lead generation programs. Using intelligent APIs and automation to maximize efficiency, improve data quality, and adhere to customers' data governance requirements, Channel Metrics saves you time and money and improves your customer time to value.

Unified Customer Performance Reports

Channel Metrics eliminates the need for manual workarounds and never-ending spreadsheets required to deliver advertising, lead generation, and event performance reports to customers. We use intelligent APIs and automation to integrate, cleanse, verify, enrich, and deliver marketing program performance reporting and leads.
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Real-Time  Lead Management & Delivery

Verify, cleanse, append, and enrich leads in minutes and deliver to clients in almost real-time. Do your clients have unique lead governance criteria? Channel Metrics lead management automates lead governance for an unlimited number of customers. More verified leads, faster time to delivery, and no more spreadsheets.
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Empower Customer Success & Account Executives with Data

Sales and Customer Success employees can sell and create value in real-time using Channel Metrics' unified view of customer program performance. A unified view can include unlimited websites, newsletters, email campaigns, content marketing campaigns, webinars, event sponsorship, and more. Speed up renewals, upsell based on intelligence, and use performance data to sell solutions.
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Purpose Built for Media, Events, and Marketing Services

Channel Metrics is the only omnichannel advertising and lead generation reporting and delivery platform that supports an infinite number of customers. Standard platforms require expensive and complex customization and only offer customer portals for a significant increase in price.
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Streamline and Connect Your Systems Easily

Collect data from any CRM, marketing automation tool, database, website analytics, event technology, and API. Unified data is cleansed, deduplicated, and enriched for comprehensive analysis. There is no limit on the number of data sources or fields that can be unified.

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