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Let Us Help You Unlock the Power of Your Data Eco-System

Whether you’re looking to pivot, modernize your operations, or grow, H2K Labs can help you unlock the power of data to drive growth, innovation, and profitability. Using a combination of deep-industry expertise, purpose-built data platforms, rigorous analysis and proven frameworks, we'll help you make better decisions, optimize processes, and stay ahead of the competition.

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Data-driven companies are 22% more profitable than their peers

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Reliable analytics lead to 32% higher customer retention

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Employee satisfaction is nearly 30% higher for organizations with accurate forecasting

Consulting and Execution

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Data Strategy

Build dependable processes and architecture as the foundation of your data strategy, so you can make the jump from “data-aware” to “data-driven.”

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Revenue Strategy

Stop looking out the rearview window. Put data to work fueling team processes and skills, predictive forecasting, and customer insights. Never miss a forecast again.

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Product Strategy

Activate first-party data and improve existing product offerings and launch new ones. Monetize data to meet stakeholder demands and create repeatable, scalable revenue streams.


Dominate the battlefield with analytics “fire-control systems”: automated software to help collect, organize, clean, and utilize data without amplifying overhead.

Insightify by H2K Labs

Conquer complex data clusters by aggregating and transforming without affecting the originating data source

Business intelligence is only worth the investment if it can match the use case, and none are more difficult to match than two-sided business models. Even enterprise-level solutions struggle to help these teams manage, digest, and utilize their data. Insightify is different. It’s purpose-built to help two-sided business models monetize their data internally and externally —making revenue happen better, faster, and with less risk.

Channel Metrics

Say goodbye to convoluted client campaign management, reporting, and lead gen delivery

Just as internal revenue teams struggle to make use of two-sided business data, external-facing teams struggle to improve marketing and lead gen efforts on behalf of their clients. Managing multiple marketing channels for each of dozens or hundreds of brands, there’s a lot of data to sort through, and a lot of false leads (and bots) to screen out. Channel Metrics makes it possible, even painless, to deliver better leads faster, with a fraction of the labor cost.

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