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Sales have always thrived on personal connections, and that remains an enduring truth. However, the landscape of engagement has shifted, making yesterday's strategies inadequate in today's highly competitive realm. To unlock the full potential of every aspect within the revenue organization, it is imperative to equip revenue-critical functions with the powerful trio of data, analytics, and technology. Doing so can pave the way for heightened effectiveness and exponential growth.

The Path to Revenue Excellence Workshop empowers commercial leaders and their teams by providing clarity on the use cases that will have the highest impact on revenue acquisition and retention. This workshop not only establishes and prioritizes actionable steps but also helps in devising an execution plan with set targets backed by key performance indicators (KPIs) that cut across functions. Additionally, the workshop offers transparency by examining the cause-and-effect relationship. Participants can identify and prioritize "quick wins" through these sessions based on their current capabilities and future development.

Potential areas of focus

  • Cross-Functional Revenue-Critical Teams
  • Using Growth Analytics to Improve Commercial Performance
  • Building Data-Enabled Sales Processes
  • Creating a Unified Revenue Operations Roadmap
  • Growing Customer Lifetime Value: Retention, Upsell, Cross-sell, Expansion
  • Empowering Sellers with Data


Forming a defensible, cohesive strategy to drive revenue excellence requires alignment across many stakeholders, including some who previously did not have a seat at the revenue table.  Workshops are critical to gaining consensus and weeding out those elements that may be forever blockers.

Our workshop framework includes:

  • Assessment, audit, and diagnosis process
  • Collaborative ideation and brainstorming
  • Prioritization of an agile and iterative strategy roadmap
  • Formation of an execution plan
  • Defined metrics, KPIs and definition of success
  • Identification of risks and potential landmines

The Deliverables

  • Facilitator and moderator
  • SWOT analysis performed via team surveys
  • Research and diagnosis of internal factors impacting  current and future state across business, data, and tech
  • One-hour Zoom kick-off call with a core stakeholder group to establish the framework and goals
  • 1:1  Zoom interviews with the core stakeholder group
  • Development, presentation, and facilitation of a three-hour workshop to share findings, foster discussion, and idea-storming, create a prioritized action plan, and reinforce with metrics and accountability
  • Two-hour post-mortem call with key stakeholder executive/s to present observations and recommendations for next steps
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