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The Predictive Waterfall Revenue Forecasting workshop empowers CFOs and their teams with a comprehensive grasp of the data strategy needed to drive precise, predictive, and prescriptive forecasting. As businesses and CFOs confront mounting uncertainty, evolving market dynamics, and pressure to achieve growth with limited resources, traditional revenue forecasting approaches not only prove inadequate but also pose challenges in terms of time, effort, and cost of implementation.

Creating an accurate, real-time, waterfall forecast involves analyzing multiple revenue elements: booked, accrued, unearned, realized, aggregated revenue, and collected cash. Additionally, this data can be segmented based on company, division, product, or other pertinent criteria to meet the team's needs. By incorporating accounts receivable details, valuable insights into the collection cycle can be obtained, facilitating cash flow prediction.

Add in the words “predictive” and “prescriptive,” and new layers of data complexity need to be addressed, such as machine learning models and artificial intelligence need to be baked into the process.

The workshop will also cover revenue roll-forward, unit-level profitability, and EBITDA analysis.


The workshop empowers executive stakeholders to establish and execute an effective data transformation project strategy to power predictive waterfall forecasting capabilities and more.

Whether rectifying a project gone awry or setting the tone for an upcoming endeavor, it brings together cross-functional roles to identify, commit to, and implement strategies that accelerate data transformation, minimize risk, ensure ROI, and timely value delivery.

By providing participants with a comprehensive understanding of potential project risks and their potential impact on their business, the workshop equips them with actionable measures to mitigate and manage those risks effectively.

The Deliverables

  • Analyst and facilitator team comprised of business, tech, and data executives
  • SWOT analysis performed via team surveys
  • Research and diagnosis of internal factors impacting  current and future state across business, data, and tech
  • One-hour Zoom kick-off call with a core stakeholder group to establish the framework and goals
  • 1:1  Zoom interviews with the core stakeholder group
  • Development, presentation, and facilitation of a three-hour workshop to share findings, foster discussion, and idea-storming, create a prioritized action plan, and reinforce with metrics and accountability
  • Two-hour post-mortem call with key stakeholder executive/s to present observations and recommendations for next steps
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