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Supercharge your media revenue

Exceed expectations by using bottom-up inputs such as pricing, quota attainment, sales cycles, and customer behavior.
Revenue acceleration for media and digital information businesses

Unify all Your Revenue Data, Seamlessly.

Unlike other platforms, Insightify helps media and business information companies supercharge revenue, given the data complexities in our industry. Whether you sell digital advertising, lead generation, paid subscriptions, or monetize data in unique ways, Insightify extracts key inputs that turns your revenue data into actionable insights for top and bottom-line growth.

When deeper and more comprehensive data is factored in, you’ll have more accurate forecasts with fewer surprises in the boardroom, and unlock opportunities for growth.
Consolidate your buy-side and sell-side revenue data into a single source of truth and see performance and forecasts across all media channels. Insightify connects revenue-critical data points including pipeline, order management, product performance, customer service, and financial systems data into real-time accurate forecasts, for strategic insights and prescriptive action plans, with only a few clicks.
Connect all of your revenue data across finance, sales, marketing, and operations.

Unify data into a single source of truth. Improve performance and forecasts across all media channels:

Digital Advertising
Lead Generation
Video, Podcasts, Webinars
Content marketing
Custom services
Attendee fees
Membership Fees

Turn Your Reps into (More Profitable) Sales Ninjas

Transform your approach to sales with a complete view into new business, retention and expansion pipeline.
Coach based on specific data and most effective steps
Identify and manage sales process inefficiencies
Manage deal risk
Align top of funnel investments with bottom of funnel needs
Reduce “rogue” discounting and improve profitability

Gain Alignment. Revenue Growth is a Team Sport.

Include employees across functions at the revenue table and foster shared accountability. Using a single source of truth for revenue intelligence, improve upsell, cross-sell, renewals, and churn.
Customer Service
Operations & Fulfillment
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Avoid Surprises. Improve Forecasting Accuracy.

Consistently have pinpoint forecasts and achieve predictable revenue, with custom roll-ups. Forecast by brand portfolio, channel, geography, team, customer segment, and more.
Spot risks and revenue leaks before it is too late
Reconcile your actuals and forecasts  - booked vs. recognized revenue
Track critical deal traction and material changes to pipeline

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