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Insightify for Events

Crush your Revenue Goals and Optimize Your Go-to-Market Strategy

Turn your revenue organization into a center of operational excellence
Most event-driven companies have many brands, properties, channels, and product variations, with data silos that increase complexity. These complications make it harder to add value with decisions that truly drive your business forward.

Unlike other platforms, Insightify was built specifically to grow revenue by turning data from events, digital media, and other channels into predictive intelligence that reduces risk, improves margin, and reveals revenue opportunities. Selling square footage? Sponsorship packages? Attendee ticket sales? Digital media? We have it covered. From large trade shows, executive-level conferences, to hosted buyer events, Insightify turns your revenue data into actionable insights.

Unify all Your Revenue Data, Seamlessly.

Say goodbye to your data silos. Our pre-built integrations connect your data across systems, quickly and easily. Rapid custom integrations are done for your specific needs, including home-grown legacy systems.

Insightify connects revenue-critical data points including pipeline, order management, product performance, customer service and financial systems data into real-time accurate forecasts, for strategic insights and prescriptive action plans, with only a few clicks.

Unrivalled Expertise

Predictive Insights to Move Your Business Forward

Do you spend too much time on lagging indicators, with different versions of the truth? Our AI powered platform factors in data from event platforms, CRM, sales enablement and other systems to fuel decisions that accelerate sales cycles, improve ACV, increase upsells, and reduce churn. With more comprehensive data, you’ll also be able to forecast with more accuracy and fewer surprises in the boardroom.

Supercharge Event Revenue

Gain 360-degree visibility into every deal in your pipeline across new and repeat business in a matter of seconds.
Check pipeline health and key metrics
Identify trends, leading indicators, and manage risks
Roll-up and drill down by brand portfolio, event, sales rep, territory, customer segment
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Turn Reps into (More Profitable) Sales Ninjas

Transform your approach to sales with a complete view into new business, retention and expansion pipeline.
Coach based on specific data and most effective steps
Identify revenue leaks
Manage deal risk
Align top of funnel investments with bottom of funnel needs
Reduce “rogue” discounting and improve profitability

Align Your Revenue Team

Include more employees at the revenue table and foster shared accountability. Using a single source of truth for revenue intelligence, improve upsell, cross-sell, renewals, and churn.
Customer Service
Operations & Fulfillment

Have More Accurate Forecasts

Improve the accuracy of your forecasts and achieve predictable revenue, with roll-ups. Forecast by brand portfolio, geo, event, sales team, customer segment.
Spot risks and revenue leakage before it is too late
Reconcile your actual and forecasted revenue
Track critical deal traction and material changes to pipeline

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