The Modern Data Intelligence Cloud for CFOs

Gain unparalleled control over your company’s financial health and unleash the power of your data to create sustainable value.

Problems We Solve

Extracting Maximum Value From Your Data

Data Silos

Data is isolated across different departments and brands, leading to inconsistencies and difficulty gaining a unified view of the business’s financial health. The lack of integration across various systems can make data gathering and analysis time-consuming and error-prone.

Delayed Reporting and Analysis

In fast-paced business environments, CFOs require real-time (or near real-time) data to respond quickly to market changes. Most systems and processes are not designed for real-time analysis, leading to delays in reporting and an inability to capture the current financial situation as it develops.

Data Quality and Accuracy

Ensuring data accuracy and consistency, especially in complex data environments, is a significant challenge. Manual entry, ad hoc reports, and subjective analysis lead to costly mistakes.

Translating Data into Actionable Insights

Collecting data is one thing, but turning data into actionable insights that all business users can access and translate into action is another.

Aligning Data Strategy with Business Goals

If data projects do not directly contribute to strategic goals, those projects are cost centers versus value creators.

How Insightify by H2K Labs Can Help

Everything you need to make your data a strategic asset and competitive weapon.

Real-Time Analytics
Reduce the time it takes to tell insightful data stories with rich data visualizations in real-time. Our platform processes data at the speed of change, delivering forecasts that are always up-to-the-minute.
Action-Based Dashboards
Build impactful dashboards that business users will want to use. Take your dashboards and visualizations to the next level with embedded operational workflows using a no-code/low-code development environment.
AI-Powered Business Monitoring
Leverage AI for a sophisticated analysis that uncovers trends and patterns invisible to the human eye. Discover changes and outliers in your data as they happen via threshold-based alerts or fully automated AI-driven signals. 
Data Analytics for Everyone
Insightify’s intuitive user interface accelerates discovery and allows anyone, from an experienced data analyst to a non-technical business user, to create and access reports in a governed way.

Heather Holst-Knudsen

Heather Holst-Knudsen has a rich heritage in the B2B world. She has worked at leading companies such as Miller Freeman (now Informa), IDG (now Foundry), and her family business, Thomas Publishing Company. With extensive operational and leadership experience in media and events, she assumed leadership roles in divisions such as Managing Automation and Techmatch. She founded Manufacturing Executive, Manufacturing Leadership Council, and Manufacturing Leadership Summit. Heather established H2K Labs in 2018, helping media, events, and digital information businesses extract maximum value from data to drive top and bottom-line growth.

Heather and the H2K Labs team were exceptional to work with. Heather is a revenue animal and stays focused on practical, action-oriented, profit-creating ideas. She impressed our entire management team with her extremely businesslike approach and relevant observations.

Mitch Rouda
Chief Strategy Officer, Farm Journal

The work H2K Labs took off our plate and the knowledge they brought to the table, enabling us to find the perfect technology partner was invaluable. This allowed our team to stay focused on our core competencies while allowing H2K Labs to focus on theirs.

Susan Newman
SVP Conferences, National Retail Federation

I worked with Heather while I was COO of Bisnow. Heather worked around the clock and delivered key milestones ahead of the deadline and above expectations. It was as if she was a key member of the executive team for the entire duration of the project.

Francesco De Camilli
Global VP Revenue, Valve