Welcome to The Insights in 7 Days Data Challenge™

Transform Your Data into Financial Foresight

Unleash the True Potential of Your Data in Just One Week!

Are you ready to see what your data can truly tell you? CEOs, CFOs, finance teams, and revenue leaders — your chance to turn data into actionable insights has arrived.
The Insights in 7 Days Data Challenge™ is your opportunity to put our advanced analytics and dashboard wizardry to the test at no cost.

The Challenge: Your Data, Our Expertise

In just seven days, our team of data analysts and AI-powered tools will work to unravel the hidden stories within your numbers. Submit your datasets and watch as we craft customized dashboards that not only reveal your current financial health but also illuminate paths to optimize revenue and solve complex financial challenges.

Why Take the Insights in
7 Days Data Challenge™?

Zero Cost

Experience our services and data insights platform for free — this is all about showing you the value we can add.

Custom Dashboards

Gain visual and interactive tools that make interpreting complex data straightforward and impactful.

Data-Driven Decisions

Empower your decision-making with robust insights derived from your own data.

Actionable Insights

Identify leaks in revenue, forecast future trends, and get recommendations for improvement.

What you Can Learn:

Understanding sales pipeline and performance
Calculating churn
Benchmarking key performance metrics
Finding opportunities for cost savings
Location performance heat mapping
Rolling up data across multiple divisions, brands, or events

How Insightify by H2K Labs Can Help

Everything you need to make your data a strategic asset and competitive weapon.

Real-Time Analytics
Reduce the time it takes to tell insightful data stories with rich data visualizations in real-time. Our platform processes data at the speed of change, delivering forecasts that are always up-to-the-minute.
Action-Based Dashboards
Build impactful dashboards that business users will want to use. Take your dashboards and visualizations to the next level with embedded operational workflows using a no-code/low-code development environment.
AI-Powered Business Monitoring
Leverage AI for a sophisticated analysis that uncovers trends and patterns invisible to the human eye. Discover changes and outliers in your data as they happen via threshold-based alerts or fully automated AI-driven signals. 
Data Analytics for Everyone
Insightify’s intuitive user interface accelerates discovery and allows anyone, from an experienced data analyst to a non-technical business user, to create and access reports in a governed way.

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(eg: Understanding sales pipeline, calculating churn, benchmarking KPIs, identifying cost savings, rolling up data from multiple locations or businesses, replacing manual reporting tasks)

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